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Storage -> Collection systems -> Drum transport and handling    
   Drum transport and handling
  You will find the three most affordable ways of lifting, moving and transporting drums.

The drum transport trolley has air tyres so that you can move drums on uneven ground outside without risk of danger to yourself. The wheels are sufficiently high that there is no need for a ramp in order to be able to place the drums on the collection tray; the drum is placed in position in one movement by tipping the trolley above the collection bin.

The drum grip makes it possible to move 200 litre drums while they are lying down by a crane or forklift truck. The drum is locked in place manually, the crane hook is fixed to the middle support.

The drum clamp is suitable for moving 200 litre drums when they are standing up. A drum can be picked up while it is standing by a crane or forklift truck and can by moved from the floor to a collection tray, for example.

Phone +31 (0)416 - 668 060 for prices.


    Order no.   Product   Capacity   Order  
    8774   Drip collection   27 litres   Order  
    8778   Drum grip for lying drum 76-900 cm   360 kilos   Order  
    8777   Drum clamp for standing drum 56-60 cm   400 kilos   Order  
    8775   Drum transport trolley   400 kilos   Order  
    8773   Drum transport trolley for steel drums   400 litres   Order  
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