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  Proactive in practice. The Protection programme that VanDoClean / Absorbit has put on the market is not only unique in its composition but also helps you to focus on things that could go wrong before they do. Preventive working can avoid many unpleasant consequences of incidents such as the impact on people and environmental pollution. The result of preventive working is that if an incident does take place, and it is inevitable that some will, the costs remain limited and the risk of genuine danger is greatly reduced. Zie voor meer informatie ook de VanDoClean website.

  Seal leaking holes in fuel tanks, for example, in an instance. Use them separately or in combination with a hermetic seal.   

  Prevent a leak from spreading quickly or running into the drains so that the environment becomes seriously polluted. This can be done permanently but there are also temporary solutions.   

  You can place small flexible drip collectors such as the Flexberm or the Spill Basin underneath power packs, forklift trucks that are not in use or straw cutters so that if anything does go wrong the oil will be collected straightaway.   

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