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  We will assist you in making the right choice of cleaning products and the associated underlying problems. Zie voor meer informatie ook de VanDoClean website.

    Absorbing Booms
  Booms absorb hydrocarbons quickly but remain afloating, even after complete saturation. Very suitable for emergencies or prevention.  

    Absorption granules
  Granulate that absorbs chemicals, acids, alkalis, solvents and oils without leaving a layer of dirt behind. Completely environmentally friendly.   

    Absorption mat. Multi Industrial
  Absorbs chemicals, also absorbs water and oil. This is the best absorbent material for industrial uses such as maintenance and other services.   

    Absorption materials Basic
  Absorbs non-aggressive chemicals, water and oils. Suitable for use inside around machines, while carrying out repairs, or for drip leaks or in covered places.   

    Absorption materials Oil Only
  Only absorb oil and fuels, does not absorb water. Suitable for use inside and outside, on land or water. Remains floating, even after complete saturation.  

    Absorption materials Rhino Rug
  Absorbs water, chemicals and oil. The immensely strong absorption material lasts a long time in places where there is intensive pedestrian traffic or where forklift trucks and other vehicles are being driven.   

    Absorption materials Universal
  Especially for aggressive chemicals, also absorbs water and oils. Suitable for any liquids, so always a safe choice!  

    Industrial vacuum cleaners
  Cleans floors and outside areas (such as stelcon plates) and sucks up both dry and wet substances without any trouble.   

    Parts Cleaners
  Safe and easy cleaning of larger parts at working height.   

    Degreasers and cleaners
  Cleaning and degreasing metal, oil spots on workfloor or pavement, filtering hydrocarbons out of water, in parts cleaners, for storm drains, bilges etc.   

    Roll Holders
  Roll Holder is suitable for rolls up to 80 cm width.  

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