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  An incident can have major consequences not only because the soil, ground, water, and the air can become severely polluted, but also because people can be directly endangered as a result of a spill. Therefore, VanDoClean offers you the greatest range in the Benelux area so that we can match your requirements exactly. And, because the circumstances are always different and your wishes are important, our specialists will visit you to carry out an assessment and give a demonstration. Nothing is left to chance in mapping out exactly what preventive measures you require. Zie voor meer informatie ook de VanDoClean website.

    Absorption materials Oil Only
  Only absorbs oil and fuels, does not absorb any water. Suitable for use inside and outside, on land or water. Stays afloat, even after complete saturation.   

    Spill Kits large
  The product range for incidents on land is geared to spills of up to about 2,000 litres. For example, 300 or 600 litre containers filled with PBMs and absorbent materials are available for outside use.  

    Spill Kits small
  Dealing with an incident is one of the most difficult tasks, whether this is a large or a small incident. Absorbit has a well-thought out range of Spill Kits for small incidents.   

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