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  VanDoClean has a complete programme for the storage of environmentally harmful substances. Indoor storage, outdoor storage, fire resistant and non-fire resistant storage facilities can all be supplied. Such as safety cabinets (with extraction), storage containers (heated), storage buildings, gas cylinder storage racks and steel drip trays, standard or made to order. Everything is supplied at a competitive price and complying with the local legislation and not least, your environment permit. Zie voor meer informatie ook de VanDoClean website.

  Filler funnels or collection funnels suitable for oil and chemicals.   

    Fire resistant storage
  Safety should be a priority at all company levels and we are here to assist in this endeavour at the lowest possible cost.   

    Gas cylinder storage
  The gas cylinder store has a galvanised steel frame and complies with PGS 15.  

    Storage container
  The safetainer is the standard storage container for storing dangerous substances.  

    Storage stations
  Storage stations made from polyester glass fibre are really strong, even after years of use. Ideal for the collection of dangerous substances and storage of oil and chemicals.   

    Collection systems
  Collection systems made from very strong polyester glass fibre or steel. Collection trays for collecting oil and all sorts of chemicals are available.  

    Filling stations
  A space saving solution for tapping small quantities of liquid out of drums easily.   

    Safety cabinets
  Safety is the priority. Opt for only minimal additional cost for even more security.   

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